rain child

last night
the sky broke

rain fell

as it hasn’t fallen
in recent memory

we had to rise from our beds
to make adjustments

the wind
whipping the awnings

making them sag
under the weight
of water

the air was cool
almost cold
and when I shivered
it was a thrill

this morning
moist clouds replaced the sun

and grey

at mid-morning
the sky is bluest blue
crisp and clear
in its colour

it looks

and I wonder
were they right
are we seeing the back
of the boy child

will he leave us for awhile
taking the baking heat
and cracking dryness
with him

is this rain a harbinger
of la niña
the time
of the girl



is for a clarity of blue
not questions
about the precocious children
of weather

© Frank Prem, 2006

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