correcting a design flaw

she was sitting
on the back step next door
when I arrived home
always up for a chat
she was moving
a little stiffly
if that is the word

she had pain
from the operation
she said
oh yes
that’s her

she’s just back
from an augmentation

I can’t help but notice
a filling of blouse
but it’s probably a surgical dressing
and I ask about it

she tells of a separation
muscle from rib-cage
to slip in the supplement

must be strange
to be measured beforehand
then inserted by weight
and by size
or whatever it is that they do

it’s interesting

I told her
she needed to keep us informed
of her progress
remodelling a body
doesn’t happen every day
maybe it does
in this age that we live in

she said
she’s a talker so we’ll hear
all about it
while she’s feeling
a little tender just now
she’ll be swaying with pride
out in front

progress is grand

© Frank Prem, 2005


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