birthday surprise

birthday morning

café cooked breakfast

then coffee

the paper


eggs fried
bacon on toast
with spinach


but wait …

is that …

it looks to be
a hair

a string

something curly


between fingers
he pulls the culprit away
from the bacon
from beneath the toast

and he tugs it
a little more

and then more

and then some more

with two hands now
this is surely
some conjurers trick
played especially for the day

because that the curly hair
or facsimile of same
is still emerging
as he hauls now
with vigor
and drags it away
from underneath the innocent
toast slice


as time passes
small by small
beside the table a hair-mound
tugged and extracted
without relent

he looks around the café
as this extraordinary thing
is drawn from his left
to accumulate
beside his right

and he glimpses
as he glances
the waitress
behind the counter

she seems to shrink
falling inward
then disappears
leaving only a soft-uttered


behind her

and a small
hardly heard whisper
in appeal


© Frank Prem, 2016

Poem #7: way poem #16: open to new

Daily Prompt: Hyperbole


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