awaiting a call to arms

the dust motes are aggressive today
they have used the slight swirl of a still-cool breeze
to hurl themselves against my legs
this could be what I have anticipated
an opening assault
the only real question
whether they can organise

the signs have been ominous for some time
grey streaks on clothing retrieved from the floor
secret tracking of footprints
only apparent in certain light
and a sure sign my movements are followed
stray rays of sunlight a revelation of the extent
of opposition numbers
truly it appears I am surrounded
while the plotting proceeds apace
through furtive gatherings
clustered in the corners of each room
spread along the breadth
of baseboards

they have allies
the cobwebs too have been active
rappel lines descend from the ceiling
in a stealthy approach progressed incrementally
at a pace
that has the stamp of inevitability about it

but I have been waiting
for forces to be unleashed
I am aware of their gambits
and have planned exit and escape
to a nicety
the attack this day is a sign
if my plans should be astray
the requirements may be drastic
but back-up
is available if required
good plans always incorporate
a second level of response

concealed within a hallway cupboard
unopened and unobserved since the haste of my arrival
the Indoor Broom awaits my call to arms
and if the worst comes to the worst
I will sweep the floor with them

© Frank Prem, 2002


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