Mis-arrangement of Flowers

One last contribution in my role as Flâneur

there were roses in the bottom
of a rubbish bin on main street
down in chelsea
the wrapping paper
informs me they’ve never been inside a vase

as I was butting out a cigarette
on the metal-edge of the bin I wondered
why they were discarded
still tightly rolled in shades of apricot
among the tattered paper bags
and empty drink containers

but no-one else had noticed
and I know I shouldn’t be surprised
nobody looks for roses
in the rubbish containers on main street
down in chelsea

maybe the only ones who know
are somebody with a heart that’s aching
and another who is trying to ignore
the staring crystal-whiteness
of an empty vase

© Frank Prem, 2001

6 thoughts on “Mis-arrangement of Flowers

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