lagoon #17

it rained yesterday

a good rain
that lasted a couple of steady hours

and you can see the effect

you can smell it

the plants are clean
the trees
have released eucalyptus
into the air

the dust has settled
and the air itself
is at ease
untroubled by excessive heat
and the accustomed oppression

even on the lagoon
there is a difference

two ducks have returned
one on a tree
the other swimming rapidly away
from my side of the water

they are reassuring
these ducks
but I wonder
what difference has yesterdays drink made

a centimetre


there is no run-off
from the rain
to boost the water level

all of it has been soaked up
by the thirsty ground

gaping cracks in the clay
have not been closed

yesterday was a cleansing drink
but I wonder what is needed
to satisfy the hunger
for water

© Frank Prem, 2006

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6 thoughts on “lagoon #17

    • Hi Chaitanya.

      Thnaks for stopping by and for commenting. Glad you enjoyed the piece.

      It’s interesting looking back at the false hopes raised by a few drops of rain that were quickly overwhelmed by more of the baking drought.

      Thanks again,



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