way poem #10: a court farewells its king

when the tomb was bared
the king
appeared to be at rest

his face towards home
his hands held
in peaceful pose

the queen
lay beside him
in her separate space
she too was serene
as though no more
than sleeping

a maid had twisted
from her side
to gaze up

the cousin seemed to feel
the lack of air
clutching at her throat
to aid
one more shallow breath

the harem in disorder
hands holding tears
to long lost eyes

the weakest one
had crawled
beneath her last bed
to hide

the eunuch from the harem
in attendance
for eternity
has parted from his head

all covered in an hour
five thousand years ago
just as
it was meant
to be
beneath heaven

© Frank Prem, 2016

November 2016, Poem #1: way poem #11: how I thought, it was

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