hope risen (from a single fall of rain)

I try
but it’s hard to stop hope rising

yesterday’s rain

such a joy

and I want

everyone wants
for it to go on

the papers are full
of the easing
that rain has brought
to fire
in gippsland
and mansfield
and the small town
away up in the hills

the long range weather man
a strange
almost mystical character
has plumbed his wells
and divined for each future trace
of possible precipitation

he’s emerged to declare
free of charge
for the wonder and benefit
of farmers

it’s only a month
he says
just one more month
until it rains a rain
to drive this drought

as I’m spilling the water
that pooled overhead
trapped yesterday
in an awning

I’m hoping
with each drop that splashes to ground
this could be a portent

and in a month

maybe less

it will rain like a flood
to wash us clean

I am hoping for joy
through water

and hope
has lightened my heart

© Frank Prem, 2006

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