Surviving the Devil – A Bushfire Collection – Introduction

Surviving the Devil is my take on the terrible and disastrous bushfires that ravaged Victoria in 2009 and that became referred to as the  Black Saturday bushfires.

Many lives were lost, and whole townships burned to the ground. Heroics and bewilderment went hand in hand. Animal and human at times had to cling together to survive.

For me, this story was a kind of agony that went on and on. When I thought it had finished, there was a Commission of Enquiry held that started the whole saga over again.

This is a gut-wrenching set of tales, in places, and there are still tears to be shed over what took place.

It is my belief that the stories had to be told, and I am glad of the opportunity to share them with you, here.

Poem #1: surviving the devil – a song of fire


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