lagoon #10

it’s easy to fall into assumptions

I’ve been assuming that I’ve been musing
about a drying lagoon

I should know better

what the dictionary tells me
about lagoons is

la goon [luh-goon]

an area of shallow water
separated from the sea
by low sandy dunes

or it could be

any small pondlike body of water
esp. one connected with a larger body of water

the possibility I like best
is this one

an artificial pool
for storage and treatment
of polluted or excessively hot
sewage industrial waste, etc


but my shrinking body of water
is none of these
and I should have known

it is a [bil-uh-bawng -bong]

this version

a branch of a river
flowing away from the main stream
but leading to no other body of water
a blind or dead-end channel

I’ve seen these
mine is not this

an alternative is

a creek bed holding water
only in the rainy season
a dried-up watercourse

not quite
I don’t think

it better be the last option

a stagnant backwater
or slough
formed by receding floodwater


that seems best

the area around the river
is surrounded by depressions

I can easily imagine them filled
by an overflowing river

harder to imagine
the river actually raising itself
to those lofty heights

my lagoon
is a slough
is a billabong

as it dries

now I know

© Frank Prem, 2006

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