what I heard today

they’re turning the water off
in the irrigation district

two thousand farms
in all

who hasn’t planted yet
better not

who hasn’t bought water
from somewhere else
better not

the water company
is owned by farmers

they’re making the call
to sacrifice their own

no more will flow until
a torrent-pour
of rain

no more will flow
at all

the farmer I heard
explaining it
sounded bitter
as a member of the board
he knew
there was no other way


at work today
I read a cheery mail
from a drought worker
she’s newly appointed
and wants to say hello

last one I met
needed counseling
to stop herself from crying
at the dusty end
of every day


and the last thing today
I swear
I nearly laughed

the storage on a list of dams
had fallen
by a margin

the same amount
for each separate storage

except for one

it was holding it’s own

under pressure

the capacity of others fell
but lake eppalock stayed the same

I guess
it’s hard to accurately measure
the amount or rate
of water loss
from the two percent level

© Frank Prem, 2006

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2 thoughts on “what I heard today

    • Oops. Apologies for that. I’ll change the link.

      Yes, 2% was nothing more than a puddle. Some significant rivers could be stepped across, which was profoundly shocking.

      Plenty of water at the moment, though.

      Cheers and thank.



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