the hunter

I am the hunter
I creep up on my prey
I leap
grab and tumble
to subdue

then I grow nervous
then I get weird

what if the prey is the pursuer
what if all I entrap
is myself

what if I become lost in the netting
never to be free again
the cords growing tighter

how can I know
that I’ve caught the right creature
what if the eye the spear pierces
is my own

how will I see what stands
right before me

I am the hunter
I steal after spoor
and run over pathways
that only appear in my mind

I creep to my prey
and although I am hungry
I cannot lay a hand
on the beast

I just smile
as it runs from me

shake my head and turn
towards home

© Frank Prem, 2010

2 thoughts on “the hunter

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