on an axis wheeling

I look to the sky at night
watch the star-ways wheeling
around an axis
in isolated glimpses strobed apart
by months and weeks

they or I perform a pivot
and then go around again

I spin in awe
not certain what to make
of a darkness filled with pinpoint
spots of mystery

or perhaps it is all light
well separated by perspective
across time and space
to cause patterns
that my eyes can find

I wonder if the flickers
point the way to a god
who is somewhere
who could be anywhere at all
within stellar perfection
while the conundrum

who am I

is awe enough

or do I have a task
to elevate
a sense of cosmic being
into the fabric of belief

I look to the sky
the milky way turned again
as though upon an axis
and I spin

I spin around
I turn
on a night
so overfilled with stars
I can believe

© Frank Prem, 2008


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