lagoon #9

I have been away
for a week

I hear rumor
of inclement weather
while I was gone

I left in heat
but there has been snow
and storm
in the time since

my return is
into heat

the water seems
about the same
around the lagoon
not higher
not lower

there are three ducks
happily foraging in the shallows
but no sign of the fish
just dozens of circling ripples
from a myriad
of insects

the banks have changed
surrounding the dirty water
that is seemingly responsive
like a tide
to the tug of weather
the banks are bearing
irish green

whatever moisture has fallen
in the last week
has taken flight
through the rise of thin grasses
and weeds

they are a verdant collar
like a celebration
in the face of long odds

© Frank Prem, 2006

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