different rivers

we’re on different rivers here

I suppose you knew that

is the broken
we’re part of the goulburn and murray

there’s a bigger flow
and we still get ninety per cent
of our allocation

we’ve taken twenty five head of cattle
from down your way
and put them in with our herd

while we can still irrigate
it seems sensible to milk
as many as we can

did you see the new ute
marvelous car that

they’re an odd beast now
all of them come with a fat
silver roll-bar in the back

the old one was ok
this one doesn’t cost much more
to lease

and anyway
the missus is paying for it

did I mention
we’re doing ok still
compared to most
it’s her money putting bread
on the table

and she’s the one paying
for the lease on the ute

it’s funny to think
what a social worker would want
with a leased ute
but that’s the way it is
and if it wasn’t
ninety per cent allocation
or no ninety per cent allocation
I think we’d be hungry

it’s been a long time
since I could feed the family
just from the cows
the missus has to have a job

come and I’ll show you
the new diesel motor we put in
to run the sprays

© Frank Prem, 2006

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