confusing realities (a sound of thunder)

Good morning.
I am in Baghdad. It is one o’clock in the morning here.
The weather is fine. Except for the bombing.

Radio interview with a resident of Baghdad, 25 March, 2003

I thought I heard the sound of thunder
but the clouds are light
and high
there is sunshine

it was a low threatening rumble
though I see a father and his son
trimming lawn-edgings
on the street
and it seems they
heard nothing

it was a sound like an impending storm of hail
yet golfers are unhurried
playing out the ninth
on the course that parallels
the Aspendale wetlands

I was sure I heard the sound of thunder
but it must have come
from the television

from the Persian Gulf
where each night now
is a tempest
of unceasing noise

where the earth seems to tremble
and the lightning flashes fire
on and off
like a faulty neon signboard
that blazes right across the sky

until dawn

I think I better step
outside the house
think it’s time
I breathed clean air

I need a better grip
on these
confusing realities

© Frank Prem, 2003


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