New landscapes

I’ve re-blogged this item as I’ve been keen to see Leanne’s pastel landscapes online for awhile now, and wanted to share them with folk who visit my site, as well.

Hope you enjoy.



Leanne Murphy


I’ve been working on a series of landscapes over the last few months – something I’ve never contemplated painting before, but it seems now is the time!  Especially as it’s been truly enjoyable work, albeit sometimes a challenging experience learning how best to tackle these larger pastel paintings in a new subject area.

The painting above is called Towards Fiddes Quarry, inspired by one of my favourite Beechworth walks to The Precipice, past Fiddes Quarry and finishing back where I started at Ingram’s Rock.  It’s springtime, with wattles in full bloom, moss and grass lush after extravagant winter rain, and wildflowers poking their heads out here and there.

This next one is Pastures of Plenty


…a familiar sight to many a country traveler driving the roads of central Victoria in late winter.  This painting was inspired by a journey from Beechworth to Halls Gap via Elmore, when the days were just starting to…

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3 thoughts on “New landscapes

    • Thanks Marts.

      I’ll pass that on to Leanne.

      She has posted a couple of Egyptian Lotus paintings today that I think are pretty marvellous, as well. (I would though, wouldn’t I?)




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