the good news

good news good news

isn’t it wonderful to get
good news
in the middle of calamity

they seem to blame el niño
for drying up the rain

and it’s true
the boy child is no friend
to this parched land

it seems
he loves us
too well
holds us close
in a warm embrace

we are his ecstasy

his love
might burn
he’s just an elemental after all
a child

how can we blame him
for his zeal
or wish he loved us less
when we ourselves
have made him that way
our own inferno

but the weatherman said
it’s good news

relief will come

this fire
will only burn a short time
not forever

in a year

it may be

more like

the boy child
young niño
will turn away from us
for awhile

then we will be reprieved
the rain
will come
must come
to douse us
close to drowning

two years

two more years

no more than three
at the most

© Frank Prem, 2006

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