in translation: we should leave

Sada mi dojde”s?
Koji vrijeme je ovo sti’ci doma?

She saying to him: Now you here? What time this is, to be arrive home?

Ti i tvoja neculturna banda! Jel niste znali koji vrijeme je ve’c pro”slo?

She say: You and you no-culture band, eh … group … of friend.
Do you not know what time is past?

Evo ti, vataj ako o’ce”s jesti!

She say: Here, you catch if you want eat something. Careful Frenk, for you jacket. Oh, sorry. We clean later.

I ti? “Sta ti brblja”s? Zasto si ti tu u ovaj vrijeme? Jel nema”s sam svoj dom? Huh? I ko je ovaj stebom? Neki novi?

She saying to me, now: And what you babble, why you here this time, you no have home for you-self, and who is this new one with you?

Ja “cu ti dat novi jedan, samo ti “cekaj!

She say: I show you new one, just wait you! Frenk, I think it better we leaving she and she husband now.

Quickly before she come back. Quickly.

Sorry Frenk.

She is … what is words … too little toleration. Is better we leave them. I take you to small gostionica is open late.

We talk more in that one. I sing you song from moj stari home.

© Frank Prem, some time ago.


Hell’s bells, I didn’t think I’d have occasion to pop this piece up, but you can rely on the Daily Prompt to shake the archive.

Apologies to any true speakers for translation errors. Writing the language is a bit of a struggle for me.

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