a little light (darker)

A Poem a Day in October 2016: #9

what do I know about
this world I’m in

I know
that it has to be saved

and I know that
once upon an idyll time
it was a garden
but the garden
is gone


what do I know about
growing things

I know
that we’ve forgotten the way

and I know that
instead of food
in our gardens
we’d rather we ate
our own young
who’d rather they ate us


what do I know about

I know
I need soil on my hands

and I know that
I need to plant harmony
around every compass point
and every small place
that I cast my eye


you’ll read this
as a strange piece of work
I know the writing
seems a little
but a good voice has died
and when I look outside

it seems
just a little light
has grown darker

© Frank Prem, 2016

Poem #10: imagination (pitter patter)

Vale Bill Morrison


3 thoughts on “a little light (darker)

    • Thanks Meeks.

      It’s not a personal loss, but I think every gardener of my generation would have been influenced by Bill Mollison and his permaculture work. I think if he had a shrine I’d have worshipped at it when I was a youngster.

      A very sad loss but a huge legacy left behind him.




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