doing fruit

we spoke of doing fruit this year
it seemed the right thing to do
now we live in this
orchard valley
of flat lands and broken rivers

even the drought
shouldn’t have stopped the year
because irrigation has always made
the peaches firm and round
the apricots run sweet

the rivers look bare
showing bones
long dead trees and mud flats
seem somehow post-mortal
but there’s still water coming through
and here at least
the year should have gone on
as usual

last night
we reverted to winter cool again

seems like each few weeks
there’s another change
of season

a month ago
from out of the blue
the cool settled on the trees
white as snow
on a clear blue morning

there was two kinds of damage
they said
one will make the apricots fall
no later than a couple of days after

the other kind might take a week
but the rest of the crop
will fall
shriveled green and brown
and gone

I guess it’s not our time
for doing fruit
there won’t be much from around here
in the stores

won’t be much
till next year
if the rivers are still running
by then

© Frank Prem, 2006

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