a funny game

economics is a mystery sport
no need to wonder
about that

at a time when the only water
is tears

and the ground
under our feet
is broken

when the cattle fetch
and a lamb
hasn’t the price of its feed

when there are so many
heart aching
worried questions
aimed straight up at the sky

with rust on the fences
and not enough to bail hay
in paddocks
that ought to be golden crop

a man
might do as well to dance
feet kicking dust in the air
let it fall
let it settle
coat him brown
fill his ears and nose
his mouth
till he drowns in the bastard stuff

it isn’t rain
isn’t food
isn’t enough
I say economics
is a funny game
when I heard the news
about interest rates
I laughed
almost until I cried

but in the end
even my eyes
stayed dry

© Frank Prem, 2006

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