nostalgia in the night

once upon a time
on a night like this
I’d rise from my bed
get outside
under cover on the porch

and as the rain
gentled down above my head
I’d light a flame
take a drag

glow into the darkness
and the murmuring
of quiet

cigarette smoke
and a sense of peace
no-one else awake
or alive
only myself on planet earth

at two a.m.
I salute the rain by listening
from the bed where I’ve laid down
old bad habits
and tuned into the happiness
of a show-biz frog
rendition-ing his mating call
across the street

for a moment
I almost felt the touch against my lips

blue smoke against night-black

at two a.m.
I’m an aging fool
lighting up nostalgic old sins
and I really should know better

so good night

good night

as I drift away
I can hear a gentle rain
lay down

© Frank Prem, 2010



2 thoughts on “nostalgia in the night

  1. Very well written. “… cigarette smoke and a sense of peace…”.
    Many years ago I used to smoke cigarettes and I recalled that guilty pleasure when I read this.

    Liked by 1 person

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