under the skin

they are morphogenic twins

cardigan overlay
streaky-grey mat
hard left upper outer eyeballs

platinum blonde wig
wide broad red lipstick clown-face

superficial differences
disguises to mislead the inattentive



piercing SHRIEK

piercing SHRIEK

not my fault paul
it was the other one
that did it paul
I’m only six years old

not my fault frank
it was bella inside me
she did it
I’m only fourteen

can I have a smoke
it’s time for my smoke now paul

frank will you get my smoke now
I want my smoke now frank

oh you’re such a BASTARD paul
get out get out GET AWAY FROM ME
I HATE you

I am SO going to marry robert
he DID NOT write that he wants me out of his life
I HATE you frank you’re a BASTARD

hahahaha I like you paul
you’re not too bad

I really like you frank
you’re nicer than those other nurses

good night paul

good night frank

goodnight my dear girls
we’ll scream together again

© Frank Prem, 2015

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