Woolshed in Spring

A Poem a Day in September: #30

Woolshed you are loud
like an angry man
on the mead
of mountain water


I will not close with you
I hold no trust
no good faith
you are a belligerence
held too loosely

a hungry waterfall

white-water spume
your testosterone
flings froth into the air
to catch and to coat



drag them
beneath you


arrogant beast
you wait
you just wait
as I can wait
until the summer
takes your spunk away

then I will kick
my feet in your waters
I will cross you with a step
from rock to rock

little stream

© Frank Prem, 2016

Poem #31: there – at the gorge

Photo credits: Leanne Murphy

3 thoughts on “Woolshed in Spring

    • Hi Marts.

      Thank you so much for the consideration, but I’ll decline, I’m sorry.

      I don’t really have a head for dealing with blogging awards and their implications, and don’t really feel I’m a proper blogger, if truth be told.

      However, because I do consider it an honour, I’ll visit the link and answer questions as best I can.




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