a journey of raindrops

A Poem a Day in September #26

when they fall
they begin from the bottom
of the top

soaring gliding flying
colliding avoiding riding

they stop their fall
a dead halt
when they strike the top

pounding smashing splatting
rebounding soaking landing

where the earth meets the sky
they journey no more

© Frank Prem, 2016

Poem #27: how rain starts


2 thoughts on “a journey of raindrops

  1. I love this. “….from the bottom of the top.” Knew right off what you were getting at, but still paused. I did one of those, look up into the left brain to picture it moves, mentally, of course. Good one, Frank.

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    • Thanks Michael. I was lucky to have it in the arsenal from earlier in the month, because yesterday was a dry day, so far as writing goes. September is a wet month and the next in the series will be rain too, I think.

      Delighted the piece got your brain moving. That’s such a bonus.



      Liked by 1 person

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