the Pilgrim – Introduction

Some time back (around 2004, 2005), I set about writing what amounted to a one-sided conversation between a wise voice, and an unheard from supplicant – the pilgrim.

I had no great intention or aspiration when I started putting these together, but for a time the Voice was there and available to me and, as seems to happen from time to time, it knew what it had to say so long as I was prepared to channel it.

In the end, these little pieces amounted to a loose collection that spanned, perhaps the sum of three chapbook sized collections before the voice faded, or my ability to channel it shifted.

The poems that resulted have been largely unpublished until I started blogging here at WordPress back in about June or July 2016, when a few started presenting themselves in response to Daily Prompts and other such imperatives.

I don’t plan to organise these pieces chronologically, or by subject, but I expect there will be appearing over time, so I thought it might be a good idea to link them up each to each other and all with a starting point here, so that, should anyone wish to progress through them methodically (brave soul), there will be an easy path to follow.

With that, the first piece in this series is: notes on hope and redemption #12 choice


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