Dress Sense

darling it’s magnificent
what a creation
beautiful colours and so stylish
I simply love it

it’s only
when I look a little closer
a few small things make me wonder

that seam threaded across the bust
reminds me just a tiny bit of something
I saw several seasons ago
I think it perhaps a little too early
to try to bring that back
don’t you agree?
less classic than cliché really

the back now
just a tiny bit higher to offset
the plunge of the front
less filigree for the straps
you don’t see it?
of course dear I understand
lord knows through the years I’ve seen
several successful variations
yours may work

the hem

too lacy too many frills
any elegance is lost in over-pretty patterns
I really think it should go
for the good of the creation
you wouldn’t want to spoil
all the wonderful work you’ve put into it
would you?
well just give it a little more thought dear
I’m sure it will be perfect

such a clever girl
if only she would listen

© Frank Prem, 2001

Published in e-zine ~(the poetry) Worm 12 – a long time ago

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