Beechworth wildflowers 1

I penned a little piece about Spring Creek yesterday, after a walk Leanne and I took around the Gorge here where we live. Thought it might be nice to share some of Leanne’s flower pics from the walk. I haven’t re-blogged anything before, so hope this works.



Leanne Murphy

Frank and I went on a rambling hike this afternoon along Spring Creek – I took our camera and managed to get a few pics of some lovely small flowers and fungi.

Here’s some of what we saw today, with what I believe are the plant names, sourced from:

  • Field Guide To Australian Wildflowers by Denise Greig
  • A Field Companion to Australian Fungi by Bruce Fuhrer
  • Wildflowers of the Granite Belt published by Granite Borders Landcare

If I’m mistaken on any names, do feel welcome to let me know, it’ll be much appreciated!

leopard-orchid-1-small Leopard Orchid

ranunculus-lappaceus-1-or-common-buttercup-small Common Buttercup

small-orange-fungi-2-small Omphalina ericetorum

wurmbea-biglandulosa-early-nancy-small Early Nancy

stypandra-glauca-nodding-blue-lily-small Nodding Blue Lily

sarsparilla-in-rock-crevice-small Native Sarsaparilla

Frank also wrote a poem after the walk called Spring Creek: hosting the news, which can be found on his blog here.

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