the first lord’s song

the king is dead
I know
for it fell to me to end him

with my noose I strangled
until he was gone

I wished him only good
you know
I truly bore no malice

but when the stars align
their circuit complete
each must play his part
and so
done is done

long live the new king
see him glorious
hail his rise
how very alive he seems
and so much to do under the sun

while at night the flickering messengers
are already trekking away

each day his deeds I oversee

each night
my noose and I gaze up at the stars
and wait
for the time when they align
in a call to duty
once again

© Frank Prem, 2010

Another poem in this series is a call: a dance: here again: gone

the first lord’s song is taken from an unpublished mythologically inspired series of poems arising from repeat exposures to the work of the late Joseph Campbell.

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