Spring Creek: hosting the news

A Poem a Day in September: #20


Photo: Leanne Murphy


Spring Creek is hosting
a talk show

it burbles on and on
exactly like on radio

snow melt and heavy rain
are the subject of the day
and just when you think
it’s all been said
white water brings down more

the voice is deep
a basso frog
as splash as gossip
whisper borne

and then it’s gone
yester-minute news

how about this weather

burble burble

the next show’s on



© Frank Prem, 2016

Poem #21: down without care

7 thoughts on “Spring Creek: hosting the news

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  2. Although I grew up with a fast moving creek running through our backyard, I first heard the voices of a creek in Gatlinburg, TN after an early morning rainstorm. The creek was directly behind our cabin and the water was rising quickly towards the bank. The sound of the rushing water over the many rocks was almost too loud and almost too frightening. Despite the sound and possible danger, we stayed. The water voices were hypnotic.

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  3. Sounds like a close encounter you had! I find the creek hypnotic as well. we have the sound in our backyard 24/7 from a spring that’s channelled into stormwater, but has a vent (if that’s the right word) in our yard. I love the sound.




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