through passion (hey!)


Leanne Murphy Artist: Tango

the world was built
from passion

the dancers rose
up out of the centre
red-sheathed and entwined
emerging smooth
from the living orange

to swirl around each other
blended in motion


he bent her backwards
her hair fell low
in it’s wake a forest


they kicked out together
and where their feet touched
a mountain


they came together
burning stares into each others eyes
then up


the cosmos


she began to stamp
he too
a tattoo rhythm rippling out
rippling in

hey! hey!

and then to splash
in and out of the moving waters
and kicking up into the sky


where it grew into cloud
then fell down again

and the air cooled
the dance slowed

so very slow

without the heat
they are not fire
after all

but once
they woke the world
through passion

© Frank Prem, 2010

12 thoughts on “through passion (hey!)

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  2. Swoon! Swoon!

    wonderful collaboration – Leanne’s image and your words – this has such a powerful feeling – a marriage (of sorts) of visionary cosmic proportions – like the ancient creation myths – so rich and full – and then the other layers? equally gorgeous, rich and ripe!

    Liked by 1 person

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