one more chances

Kad ti ne”sto tako dojde
nemoj “cekat, sinko moj,
samo nemoj ti “cekat.

when I was young man,
I think I tell you this before,
the girls,
they always like me
too much.

I am beautiful young man,
them days,
very handso, you know?

I walk all time
like man who own whole street.
I make the special zrak to follow
wherever I must go.

How can the tsure not be loving me too much?
Is not possible.

But, you know, jedan dan
I turn, look at me
and, oh hoh,
I am not young no more.
Not so beautiful.

I am nearly old like my otata,
with the veliki trbuv,
big hair in moj nos.
Make snore like pig when I sleeping.

Not so good for the tsure no more, huh?

I say,
ba”s me briga.
I don’t care.
I am for me
and this is ok.

Who is concern I am alone? Not me, Frenki boy,
not me.


You see this picture on wall Frenki?
She is beautiful, this one, yes?
Who you believe her be? My daughter?
My niece?

No, Frenki. She is my girlfriend.
She and me go to movie, we holding hands in street.
We are happy and we together like the lovebirds.

What you mean she is too young?
You are insult to me.
Is good job you are moj prijatelj
or I don’t want to tell you things no more.

She is girlfriend.
She is young woman.
She don’t care I am nekaki stari dinosaur.

She say she see me like young man.
Still beautiful only better.
She think I am smart one, too.

Is good, that one, yes?

Anyway, Frenki,
I don’t tell you my loving-life story.
I tell you something different.

when you get you chance,
you one-time second chance,

Frenki, you must take him.
You must take him and hold him.
You don’t let go.

You never too old, Frenki,
to take this one more chance.

Take him sinko moj. Just you take him.

© Frank Prem, 2006

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