stars in his sleeves

A Poem a Day in September #13

we only saw something
when his sleeve
rode up from his wrist
just a little higher

that’s where
the skin on his hand
turned into black-ink night
with stars here and there
that twinkled
like a throw of glitter

when he saw we were watching
he went a little bit red
made a cough
and a movement
that ended with him tugging
that sleeve down
a little lower

he smiled at the corner
of his mouth
sort of wry as though to say

you caught me out
so I best be going

and he was gone
almost before we noticed

I really don’t remember
exactly how  he looked
I can’t visualise the cut
or how long his hair was

but I recall the way
he wore the stars on his arm
on the night
when the sleeve of his shirt rode
just a little bit higher

© Frank Prem, 2016

Poem #14: after storm


One thought on “stars in his sleeves

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