digestive fibonacci: fractal-izing mandelbrot

A Poem a Day in September #7

there was a slow sliding small snail
in a fibonacci shell
winding its way up a broccoli
that had woven itself
into a mandelbrot



Photo: Leanne Murphy


twists and twirls
delved deep enough
to fractal-ize an unwary eye
that gazed too long
or plunged too far

but the snail
who wound around from the beginning
kept mathematically safe
and quite secure
for the ratio was golden
one mollusc
one brassica
and a bite off the top

that’s one-to-one

perhaps one bite more
to better the equation


Photo: Leanne Murphy


and as it climbed
do you know
I don’t think that it really cared
from within the shell
there was just the journey
the way
and the end in sight

a fibonacci-slug
has no need
to understand a mandel-broc
after all
but it digests
what it can while it wanders
and around
and around

round and around
and around

© Frank Prem, 2016

Poem #8: river call to morning

Photos: Leanne Murphy who wrote about this in her blog, today. Check it out.

9 thoughts on “digestive fibonacci: fractal-izing mandelbrot

    • I didn’t know that Louise. Neat, huh? Enjoy the mandelbrots – they’re an amazing thing, but I have to say I didn’t see myself ever incorporating them into a poem. It’s a strange world, but I like it!

      Thanks for dropping by and for commenting.

      I appreciate it and I’m delighted you enjoyed the piece.



      Liked by 1 person

  1. Yes, we are actively still trying to work out ways to deal with the presence of these critters, while managing their effects on what we want to harvest. They’re a hungry bunch.

    Ah well, it goes on.




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