an evening at ‘the swampy’

an evening at the swampy – Spoken Word format on SoundCloud

it’s frog evening
happy hour
across the road
at the swampy creek amphibi-inn

preeping voices
shouting out in rushes
about the day just gone

how are the taddy’s going

I saw your brrrnie swam the creek

did you get a load of the legs on…

hop over to the bar-rock
fetch us all another round

don‘t puff your throat at me
or you’ll be knee-deeep in no time

fat croaker
you’re so full of rribbett
it’s just disgusting

did you hear about freddie
funeral tomorrow
make sure you wear dark green

was a shame the way he went
but everybody knows currawongs
can’t be trusted

there’s a sudden silence
in the field
the main event
is on centre stone

it’s lola la
extending a long leg
stretching out her toes

a rurrurrapp from the crowd
is shushed
as the spots converge
and lola sings

about a froggy evening
and a very happy hour
down at the swampy creek

no-one can sing it better
set ‘em up again

set ‘em up again
this frog’s thirsty

© Frank Prem 2010

This is an unpublished poem that has been recorded in spoken word format, with the production and technical assistance of my wife  Leanne Murphy.


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