a couple of clowns

a voice from a table to the side
loud in conversation
How do you know these two clowns?

a glance at my idiot mate
shows him holding imaginary handle-bars
commencing an almost elegant sequence
of rises and falls in his seat
with each bobble of the off-centred bicycle
he isn’t riding

I pointed a finger below my Adam’s apple
and spun the notion of a floral trick-bow-tie

he put a hand into his pocket
made gestures of squeezing
while his other hand
indicated a stream of potential water
from the invisible impression of a plastic flower
possibly adorning his lapel

I pumped my arm up and down
and made a parp-parp
non-horn sound with my mouth

he indicated the aura
of an unruly wig not surrounding his head
vividly un-coloured by orange blue white and green

I suggested the perimeter
of a bulbous probably-red nose

he demonstrated the image
of massive over-size shoes
and the outline-motions of a flap-walk

we flashed foolish grins at each other
and soundlessly clapped hands
in open-mouthed mock-glee

Just a lucky guess.
came the chuckled reply
from a table to the side

Just a lucky guess

© Frank Prem, 2002



5 thoughts on “a couple of clowns

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    • Hiya Steve.

      This piece is an old favourite of mine, not so much for the writing but for the trapped memories it releases. The occasion of the poem was just a spontaneous meltdown of mirth and mime across the dinner table at an RSL somewhere in Melbourne (I think). Our wives just rolled their eyes and talked amongst themselves for a few minutes.

      Too funny.



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