The Day Craft

Listen to Frank reading The Day Craft – on SoundCloud

she sat at her wheel
beneath the broad sweep
of open sky

as each bright ray
reached down to touch her
and warm her while she worked
she caught it in a tender grasp
crooned quietly
and applied herself
to the repetitions

warm and spin
warm and spin

as the day cooled
ray upon ray
she shawled herself against the chill
and spun
until the last

until the night

and then
the loom

clack clack
and clack again

the shuttle flew
she wove for morning

for another rising
of the sun

© Frank Prem, 2010

Another poem in this series: the higher crafts
The Day Craft is taken from an unpublished mythologically inspired series of poems inspired from repeat exposures to the work of the late Joseph Campbell.
The Day Craft has been recorded in spoken word format, with Leanne Murphy providing musical accompaniment, recording expertise and final polish.


18 thoughts on “The Day Craft

  1. Great job! I always feel I’m too monotone. Glad to hear your voice. Now I can chuck the stereotypical Crocodile Dundee caricature voice I wrestle with in my head when I read your poems. Although, your recounting of the fires makes you out to be of the same ilk. 😁

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    • You had a listen? Great.

      With the fires, I tried to get the voices as I heard them myself, so my style, but best effort at the way I heard them. Doesn’t always work and yep, the sense you form in your mind of the person sometimes really isn’t is it? LOL

      Thanks for reading and listening Michael.




      • Yes, I enjoyed it, Frank. Curious about attribution for the music. I found some creative Commons, public domain music when I created preview videos for my books.
        And yes, one young man … Was, I guess trying to relate. Told me one of my poems was “dope,” wouldn’t have mattered if I wrote urban poetry rather than trying to be urbane.
        Nice music selection and the volume was a good balance. Cheers, Mate. 😁

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      • Hard to know what to make of a comment like that. Presume it’s meant well, and keep moving, I guess.

        My wife Leanne really enhanced the pieces we put up on Soundcloud with her accompaniment – opened my eyes to what potential they had.

        Sometimes hard to know whether it is worthwhile going the extra yard to finesse a piece, given there is no return bar the satisfaction of doing it.

        Anyway, was a great experience.




      • I could wax philosophical about art for art’s sake, but I agree.
        The “dope” comment is urban hip hop slang for excellent. May have been a generation gap or his trying to relate to my blackness, but yeah, water off a duck’s ass to me.

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      • I am reading a biography presently and just revisited his Public Television interviews with Bill Moyer.
        What a life lived, legacy of knowledge left.

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