assertive gestures

she is standing in the half-light of early morning
an intent gaze
fixed through the glass sliding door
beyond the green sparseness of occasional pinus
across an acreage of sand
that’s almost glowing in this light
and to the water

she is repeating gestures
a beckoning come-hither motion
of the hand and a finger
concentrating hard on the point
where a line of rising blue
is first apparent
the point at which brilliant white gleams
for a brief moment
then rises again
in a solid line of agitation and froth
surging to fall over itself
stressed green intermingled with the blue and the white

she is gesturing to draw the waves
to summon the foam
ordering alignment of swell and breaker and wash

it is a difficult job
sometimes it can take all day

© Frank Prem, 2002


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