meeting Nola

oh god

she said

oh Christ

the three steps
looked set to defeat her

bony fragility
her walking-aid an impediment
to balance
she leaned against the rail
and grasped
with both hands
and a shaking tremble

oh lord

he noticed the desperation
the death-grip on the railing
the bunching of stocking around each ankle

can I lend a hand

a slow pivot
to release one hand
and launch with a lunging clutch
onto his arm

the music starts
at one o’clock
oh Christ

a slow peregrination
up three steps
then along the uneven path
trembled grasp translated
into the vice-like clench
of the frail afraid

in the auditorium doorway
a long look of assessment
at avenues threaded through seating
and the location of friends
before glancing up

my name
is Nola

who are you

© Frank Prem, 2015

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