learning to kook

a whir of sound
like the wet rub
of stone against stone

a cranking attempt
to turn the motor over
that fails to proceed
all the way
to ignition

an undercurrent
swelling to overpower
both stone
and motor

but drawn back
from the point of outburst

of no return

there are three of them
in the branches
of a river red gum

with the remnants
of infancy
fully formed
but immature

a treblet of kookaburras
on the cusp
of laughter

© Frank Prem, 2008


4 thoughts on “learning to kook

  1. I enjoyed your sound imagery very much! I’m a music teacher on the cusp of another school year, and your poem reminded me to keep that sense of imminent joy, ready to laugh a great free sound. I must ask, though (because I couldn’t find it in the dictionary), what does treblet mean, please? I found triblet… is this a variant? I love encountering new words, and this is one I’m not acquainted with. Thank you!


    • Thanks for reading and commenting. I’m delighted.

      Treblet is probably a word I made up for the poem that ‘sounded right’. It’s probably a bit of a cheat, but I try to not censor my instinct too much – go with the flow and if it stands out poorly on revision, deal with it at that time.

      They are hilarious to listen to when they’re cranking up – not melodious at all, really.



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