ever again

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Poem #26 from the ‘Surviving the Devil’ collection (unpublished)

off in the corner
of the new temporary classroom
we put the donated clothes hamper

because we don’t want to make
a big thing of it

if the kids need something
they can just go off and get it

this is the new normal
for awhile
and all of them have lost something
maybe everything

they’re doing the best they can
the kids

good days
bad days

this morning though
was a bit left-field

a young fella went up
to the hamper
crawled right inside it

buried himself in the clothes
and wouldn’t come out

took two and a half hours
to get him to speak

he’s just petrified
that nothing is going to stand still
or stay the same
long enough to trust
ever again

© Frank Prem, 2010

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