snorkel north

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Poem #25 from the ‘Surviving the Devil’ collection (unpublished)

it’s a bit ironic

while you poor Mexicans
down south in Victoria
are being burnt for weeks on end
we’ve got the opposite problem

funny old country this one
we spend about ten months of the year
praying for rain
but right now we’re cursing it

it was just after New Year
that the wet began
and when it came
it poured

we’d get a foot of rain
in a night
and then we lined up for more

our roads have been cut off
for about two months now
and it’ll be another couple of months
before we can get a car
around some of the tracks
let alone a truck to shift the cattle out
and make a quid again

the food drops are great
but sometimes we feel like
we’ve been forgotten
in among the bigger disasters
down south

Normanton will be buggered
after this
and all of us up here
in debt for years
or busted and gone
before we know it

I feel really sorry
for you poor buggers
down there though
it’s got to be pretty horrible
and some of you must be doing it tough
spare a thought
if you get a lazy second

don’t forget Normanton
and all of us
swimming around in circles
up north

© Frank Prem, 2010

To Poem #26: ever again

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