praying m

This piece is taken from an unpublished collection drawing on my experiences working in the field of psychiatry, tentatively entitled ‘The New Asylum’, currently being developed into book format in collaboration with my wife Leanne Murphy.


she comes my way
the peroxide blonde bombshell
who is all red lipstick
ghost foundation
and a tottering
half-moccasin shuffle

last heard screaming

you’re a b_____d
you’re nothing but
a b____y-f____n-b_____d

in the context of my failure
to adequately distribute her ration
of cheap menthol gaspers
every hour
on the hour

can you help me Frank
I’ve got a praying mantis in my hair

that one’s a conversation stopper

and sure enough
there clings
a fourteen centimetre long
bronzed-copper beastie
looking well at home
in the outlandish
fine but brittle

they like me
they do

they look at me
all the time
in the smoking shed

they stare

but they like me

© Frank Prem, 2012

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