hope the sky

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Poem #24 from the ‘Surviving the Devil’ collection (unpublished)

they said it would be Black Saturday
all over again
too much wind
would fan the flames

schools were closed
the children told to stay home
under parental eyes


last night at two a.m.
I tuned in the radio

instead of Cricket from Johannesburg
they were crossing live
to the Weather Bureau

the change had by-passed
some little town
and was on it’s way to another
further east

no fires yet
to announce


before I woke this morning
I dreamed the bells were pealing out
across town
from the cathedral
on the Church Street hill

but when I opened eyes
there was nothing but the sound
of tiny rain

falling drops
in moist spots on the path
and I hope the sky
is full

© Frank Prem, 2010

To Poem #25: snorkel north

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