the look of salvation

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Poem #17 from the ‘Surviving the Devil’ collection (unpublished)

for two weeks
there’s been nothing to talk about
but fires

feels as though it could have
already been a year

wave after wave of catastrophe show
and disaster tell
wherever we turn

we’ve hardly come to terms
with what’s happened
but the warnings are already issues
for next week

and next month
and another year that will be too hot
to live

the cathedral in town
threw open its doors yesterday
High Church
staid faith and tried tradition
came together to hymn their prayers

I could hear them rustle in the aisles
tinder dry
calling on the same old heaven
to explain the way the devil works
asking us to accept
and give

that’s how it’s always been

but in the pub
they’re telling stories
about survival
and those that passed away

there’s still soot on their hands
while they take a blow
between firestorms

they talk about who needs help
and who might yet need saving

I look across the top
of a Low Church beer-glass
for the answer to a prayer

© Frank Prem, 2010

To Poem #18: Kinglake still



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