the strength of a truckie

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Poem #9 from the ‘Surviving the Devil’ collection (unpublished)

and I’m just a truckie
from up Canberra way

I gave up my time
because I could

took a load of square bails down south
where they’ll be hand-feeding their beasts
for weeks into months
until the rain comes

there’ll be no green-pick
for a cow or a sheep
down there

the Cockies around Canberra
burned out in two thousand and three
and there’s not too much going spare this year
but they remember the help that came
while they were all still black
and bewildered

so I loaded my rig
and pointed her south
another eleven blokes came behind me
on the freeway

now I’m a bloody big guy
and I can be a hard man
you have to be strong
to survive
in a tough old game

but I couldn’t believe
what I saw
when I topped the last of the hills

and I feel no shame
in telling you
I had to stop my rig
by the roadside
and cover my eyes

© Frank Prem, 2010

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15 thoughts on “the strength of a truckie

  1. Great! i remember as we drove round Australia in 1990 with our two kids we listened to Australia All Over and also to tapes of some Aussie country and western . Many of the songs were about truck drivers and the life on the road. Your poem brought that back to me..

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