Ronnie’s Other Guy

ronnie loves davey but
she’s got a habit
of kissing another guy

davey doesn’t know
anything about it because
it only happens when
she’s drifting
and her mind is painting pictures

she’s with davey
right until her eyes close
but then she’s walking
under a moon somewhere
holding hands
with a guy whose face isn’t clear
and she’s touching him

her feet are making ripples
in the water
when she stands
high up on her toes
and moves her lips to his
in a soft kiss
that isn’t davey

ronnie loves davey
every minute of the day
she doesn’t look at anybody else
but in the darkness
when he touches her
and her eyes go automatic closed
she has a little habit
of kissing another guy

© Frank Prem, 2000

Published in an online zine ‘Transparent Words 2’, July 2000

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