so far

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Poem #4 from the ‘Surviving the Devil’ collection (unpublished)

it’s still burning but
so far
three towns aren’t on the map

one hundred and eighty-one
are said to have died

eighteen hundred homes are ash
on the ground

three and a half thousand
are up in the hills
still fighting

seven thousand are hoisting new villages
from tents

one is being held
in custody

© Frank Prem, 2010

To Poem #5: Don decides

4 thoughts on “so far

  1. oh …. if these are real statistics …. even if they are just numbers pulled to reflect on the harsh and cruelty of the situation …. and that last line …. one in custody ……. to this day, it never ceases to amaze me how careless or thoughtless some people can be …. even when there is more than ample notice or warnings to NOT engage in potentially dangerous ways …. one spark …. all it takes is one spark …..


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