I want something sweet
something that’s really bad for me
I crave
but don’t know what I want
it’s in the mystery on the edge
of the sea my brain is floating on
I’m stirred
to look around
to reach out to touch a taste of
something sweet
is what I want so wretchedly unreasonable
to drink
to lick
to taste
to take it in through the pores
all over my skin
I’d mainline
if I knew
what it was
it’s only small
I’m pretty sure
packed in a cube
poured in a glass
served a dab
in the centre of a bowl
sticky sticky
melted trails when I’m done
I’m ready
bring it on
bring it on
I want it
something sweet


© Frank Prem, 2008

9 thoughts on “sweet

  1. I always make a drama out of it, maybe writing about it would be better. I hate that not knowing what it is I want too, and why we crave the insane. I since found its drop in blood sugar but that doesn’t help. I even invent things. Pointless I know. But I enjoyed that sweet trickle of whatever lol.

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